Why We Love Shoes

If you live in small town USA like most of us then you know how hard it is to find high quality shoes for a reasonable price. We wanted to provide an opportunity for  friends at our high school, relatives, neighbors or a complete stranger just browsing the web to have the same access to really nice shoes as anyone else. Our speciality is finding shoes that are not yet available or soon to be release so you can avoid the long lines on the release date. 


When our Dad presented us with the opportunity to buy and sell our own shoes most of our friends didn't take us seriously. Our Dad being the amazing guy he is came up with the bright idea that we should create our own website so we can be "official." So here we are!


We hope you enjoy shopping with us and invite your friends. We offer the best customer service you'll find anywhere. We have a lot more shoes than we room to show so if you are looking for something feel free to email us at and/or send us a picture and we'll be happy to look for you. 


Caleb & Alexis Graham